Get FREE Stuff

If you want to get FREE stuff then read on… but first a few caveats. To easily get free stuff you have to either 1) have a large social audience, or 2) be able to make quality reviews for the products. And if you don’t have either of those two things don’t worry, I didn’t either when I started at the beginning of 2017. But after spending 1-2 hours each week for reviews I have already been given over 150 products worth over $4000… AND I’m now even getting paid to review many of them.

Here’s what you need to do in ten steps (I’ll add more to this page over the next few weeks)

  1. Get yourself a website or blog.  This isn’t as hard as it might seem but it probably will cost you a little money so that you can have a dedicated URL (e.g. and an email address associated with that URL.
  2. Sign up for at least 2-3 social platforms.  Reviewers want you to have an audience on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Here are a couple videos on how to get followers and increase engagement.

3. Join a reviewing platform (e.g. Tomoson) and/or a group dedicated to reviewing (e.g. Facebook Amazon reviewer page).

4. Review a few products.  You might have to start with the low hanging fruit (deeply discounted items, eBooks, less desirable items).

5. Start learning about making reviews.  YouTube and google are your friends here.  Watch a bunch of other people doing reviews (especially those with big audiences) and take notes on what they do.

6. Grow your social audiences.  You can quickly grow your Twitter and Instagram audiences with little to no content, but it will take reviews to grow your Facebook and YouTube channels.

7.  Review better stuff.

8.  Get better at reviewing better stuff

9.  Get paid to review.

10. Review really cool stuff (and get paid for it).