Goals for this site

December 4, 2016.

I am not going to make this page public… at least not right now, but I want to get some of my ideas and goals written down.  So here they are:

Short-term (1 month).  This December I want to get the site set-up and start growing an audience.  I hope to do this in less than an hour/day (5 hours/week).

  • Twitter: 5,000 followers. Based on prior experience I think this will require I follow 50k tweeples or more… I’ll also blog about my success or lack thereof in this area.
  • Instagram: 50 followers. I don’t know anything about growing an Instagram audience so I’ll write the article first and then go for it.
  • Facebook: 25 likes
  • YouTube: 10 Subscribers
  • Email list: 5 subscribers

Obviously I need to get the website up to snuff and polish off all the social media channels.  I want to have 10 total pages/posts on the site by the end of the month with a similar number of posts on each of my social media channels.  I’ll also need to start looking for an audience (e.g. forums) but don’t have any concrete goals in that regard.  Early on I’m sure most of the pageviews for my site will be my own, but by the end of the month I’d like to have 10 organic views/day with another 25-50 coming in for each new post.  That won’t result in much revenue from Ads but my goal for month one is to make $1 from Google AdSense and another $1 from YouTube.  I will publish my first “income report” in Early January.

Medium-term (7-months).  By the end of June (mid-term in online businesses) I hope to have the site fully up and running.