O.k. so as I noted in my first post I want to do online reviews so I can get some cool stuff.  A few days ago I set a Tomoson account, apparently this is one of the better (if not the best) places for reviewers who want to get cool stuff.  They call you “influencers”, I guess I need to start getting used to this vocabulary.  So I set up an account but to “apply” for any offers you have to have links to certain social media accounts.  Apparently how this works is they want influencers who have actual influence (e.g. has an audience).  As a newbie I don’t yet have an audience so I guess that’s one of the first things to get started with.

So yesterday I set up ReviewsOfCoolStuff accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  I’ll be setting up a Twitter account as well, as soon as I get a new email address (tyler@reviewsofcoolstuff.com)… I’ve been having some technical difficulty getting that set up.  I don’t know anything about how much of an audience one needs in order to get cool offers (stuff to review), so that is what I’ll be learning about this afternoon.

Found a groovy article: How to become a Product Review/Sponsored Post Blogger. I probably need to read 10 or so of these kinds of articles this week to get started on the right foot.

Other influencer sites that give away free stuff:

I spent the rest of today (30 minutes) adding Twitter followers (my next post) so I’ll have to pick this up again tomorrow.