This week I reviewed the Aposen Tech H250 cordless vacuum cleaner.  I needed a quiet vacuum for my classroom and after looking through a few of the 500+ five-star ratings on Amazon determined this would be the best bang for my buck.

I wasn’t disappointed.  The vacuum is quiet, swivels on its head, and does a great job with small objects on a flat, smooth surface.  It’s perfect for a classroom.  There is no assembly required and it’s super simple to use, empty, and charge.  The Amazon reviews indicate you can get up to 30 minutes on a charge but I’m usually using it in five minute intervals so I haven’t really fully tested the battery strength… it’s never run out on me.

The vacuum is 250 watts, which is strong enough for normal use but not as strong as other corded vacuum cleaners (this hasn’t been an issue in my classroom).  I love the vacuum.

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