As an ultra-runner I go through a lot of headlamps, so there are certain things that I look for including brightness, comfort, adjustability, and weight.

I like the Benaiscam headlamps because the 400 lumens version is more than bright enough for night running and at full brightness gives me more visibility than most headlamps.  The 800 lumens version is slightly brighter but it honestly didn’t make that much difference.  Being able to go from 100% to 50% all the way down to 5% is a huge bonus.  There are a lot f times where I want just a little light, so this feature is super cool.

As for comfort, the headlamp has a very comfortable strap and extra padding behind the lamp.  The only downside is that the padding adds to the weight… so this is great for hunting, camping, fishing, spelunking, etc. but probably not necessary for distance running.

One feature that I really love is how easy it is to unmount and use as a flashlight.  The headlamp is bright enough to use as a high powered flashlight which I’m excited to use while camping.  As a runner I like how easy it is to adjust up and down.

As for weight… I think that it’s only like four ounces, which is great for most things but is a little heavy for running.  I’ll stick with the 400 lumens version for running and go with the 800 lumens for everything else.

All in all this is a great little lamp that has surpassed my expectations.

For 15% off go to and use the code “15YF29V6”.  It should take the price from $32.99 to $28.04 through November 2021.

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