One of the greatest frustrations I have in my home office is keeping ALL of my devices charged and within arms reach. Even with my wall and desk outlets I’ve found that I don’t have enough sockets to keep everything charged: both my computers, the television, my phone, my camera, two lamps, and occasionally my light kit and other devices. I just seem to always be one or two sockets short and many of my devices have to run through my computer because they require USB or USB-C to charge.

That is no longer a problem.

I just picked up the #Benaiscam USB Power Strip Surge Protector from Amazon: It’s exactly what I need to keep all my devices charged and ready to go.

The power strip has three traditional 3-prong plugs, two USB ports, and even a USB-C type port for my newer devices. The USB ports have rapid charge so I don’t have to keep my phone and watch plugged in for long.

I love that the extension cord is five feet because it’s long enough to reach all my devices but no so long that I have to stash the excess cord out of the way.

I’m also a fan of the blue LED light that indicates that the power strip is plugged in and on power.

But the best part is that the plug is slim and angled at 45 degrees so that I can keep it plugged in behind my bookshelf. I wish all plugs had this design–it’s way more practical for a home office.

All-in-all this is a power strip that is a major upgrade from the one I had before and has certainly made my office more efficient and easy-to-use.

Get yours at: and if you do so before December 2021 you can also use the coupon code “15FF3MC7” to take 15% off. And visit the Benaiscam website to view their other products: