The hererope 1 pound weighted jumprope is available on Amazon:

Why would anyone want a weighted jump rope?

I got one because I’m trying to lose some weight. Jumping rope is a great way to burn calories–burning more calories/hour than almost any other exercise. For many people it’s a great alternative to running or cycling for their cardio. I actually love running, so for me it is simply a way to mix things up and build muscle (especially my calf muscles).

Weighted jump ropes mean that you’re burning even more calories/hour while simultaneously building upper body strength.

Benefits of the hererope

I like the hererope because it uses ball bearings so that the swinging is smooth and because the cables are tangle-free. It’s a reliable rope that is high quality.

The power handles are wrapped in PU leather coating to prevent slippage, but I found they were a little stickier than I’d prefer.

I do like that the rope comes in various sizes.  I ordered XL because I’m tall, but it is possible to adjust the length using wire cutter so that it is exactly the right size.

The verdict?

At this price (just over $20) I think that the hererope is a good value.  It’s worth paying a little more to get a jump rope that will last and make exercise more enjoyable.  This is one of the best ropes that I’ve tried.

Get yours at: