The #moosoo 12KPA handheld vacuum really sucks (but in a good way). You can get one at: There’s currently a 15% off coupon on the site and if you add the code “W33V38AB” you’ll get an additional 13% off (so that’s 28% off for you non-math wizards). The code is good through February 2020. Pretty sweet deal.

I’m digging on the vacuum so far. It lives up to its 5-star billing by being quiet, easy to use, and effective at sucking up small particles in my car, in the garage, and on the kitchen floor. It comes with a charging dock and a car adapter, so it’s good to go.

This vacuum comes with a charging dock and a car charger making it super easy to use in lots of different places.  It has a brushless motor and will give you 600 hours of use, more than most handheld vacuums.  The vacuum has two modes: 7000 kpa (default) and high suction 12000 kpa.  It comes with a two-in-one nozzle to help with hard to reach spaces.  It has a high-efficienty HEP filter with a stainless steel mesh cover that is easy to remove and clean.  It’s super easy to dump/empty and to use.

Get yours at: