This is a review of the Ampulla tail light, currently available on Amazon at: This is an ultra bright tail light (85LM LED) that is waterproof, has a remote control, and even does a flashing right and left turn signal. Super cool light.

The Good:  The light has everything you’d ever need in a tail light.  It is bright, waterproof, and has tons of lighting features.  I especially love the turn signals which is super handy for city riding.  The remote is easy to use and works great and it was very easy to mount the light and the remote (although a screwdriver is needed to mount the light).  Good battery life.

The Bad: The light has rechargeable batteries, which is great, but it isn’t easy to unmount in order to charge, which is bad.  Basically, every time you want to charge the light you need a screwdriver to unmounts it from the bike.  I don’t ride at night very often so I will only very occasionally need to do this, but it’s a pain nonetheless.

The Verdict:  The Ampulla tail light is the best tail light you can get at this price point.

Get your tail light here:




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