The Novapolt virtual reality VR glasses for iPhone and Android are about what you would expect of an entry level VR headset.  They allow you to watch VR movies or play VR games on your phone, are easy to use and adjust, and don’t have anything too fancy.

The Good:  These glasses are very comfortable and quite easy to adjust.  They use a blue glass that reflects harmful light from your phone giving you a better overall viewing experience.  Also, they are less expensive than many other entry level glasses.

The Bad: No built in button (so you need a Bluetooth remote for the fancier games).  It’s important to note that NO entry level headsets have this feature, but I still wish they did.  Also, VR right now is in the beginning stages, so anything cheap or free is going to be cool for a limited time and then just feel gimmicky.  Nothing wrong with that, and not a knock on this product, just something worth noting.

The Verdict:  At this price point if you want VR glasses this is a great value.

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