It’s just a simple piece of aluminum, but if you could benefit from raising your laptop monitor a few inches than this AboveTEK aluminum laptop stand is actually a great value. It is built for Apple laptops but works fine with others (I have a Dell), and works by holding your laptop at an angle. Apparently this is good for your posture as it brings your screen up closer to eye level (so you don’t have to hunch over to read the screen). In my initial test I found that typing was fine (it wasn’t difficult to type at a little bit of an angle) and that it did indeed make it easier to see the screen and use the computer. So I recommend this if you have a “desk” where you regularly type on a laptop.


  • Requires no setup (unibody stand)
  • Minimal and slim and made of high-grade polished aluminum
  • Higher rise for monitors than common laptop computer stand (over 3″ elevation)
  • Anti-slip rubber pads plus special bar elevation
  • Highly portable for easy storage and travel

Purchase on Amazon ($35)