I just discovered how awesome Bluetooth was earlier this year (thanks to my awesome Robin Tech headphones) and ever since I have been stocking up on good Bluetooth speakers which I’ve placed throughout my house.  Most of them don’t work very well with phone calls so I picked up the Ancord mini Bluetooth indoor outdoor speaker for my kitchen (where I take most my calls).  This is a nice speaker that comes in premium packaging and looks very sleek.  It is small but can put out big sound.  Unfortunately mine makes a buzzing sound that is slight but still noticeable.  Aside from the buzzing it has pretty good sound quality.  Decent bass, mid-tones, and highs.


  • It gets loud
  • Small & Portable
  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology
  • Can receive the external MP3,PC,IPod,CD and other kinds of sound source.
  • Three month Money Back Guarantee and a 1-Year warranty

Purchase: on Amazon (where it is currently marked down from $59.99 to $29.99)