This week I looked at the Cel-Lab Activity Band Tracker.  I was interested in this product because two years ago I got a FitBit, which I really enjoyed for the three months I had it before it broke.  I didn’t want to shell over another $100 for something that might not last so I started looking into less expensive alternatives.  The Cel-Lab looks like it might foot the bill.

Product Description:

The Cel-Lab Activity Tracker Band helps you to track your everyday activity and sleep, leading to better overall wellness.  It tracks your steps, calories burned, distance, and activity time, monitor’s your sleep quality and wakes you up silently and even has a vibrating alarm that will remind you to exercise.


  • Track Activity:  Keeps track of the time, date, and battery power, how many steps you’ve taken, calories burned, distance traveled, time of activity, and even the percentage of your goal achievement.
  • Monitor Sleep: Keeps track of time (hours) slept, your sleep and wake up times, your sleep quality, and has a silent wake (vibrating) alarm.
  • Sync your Stats: Syncs your stats in real-time.  You utilize Bluetooth (BLE 4.0) to wirelessly upload your stats to your smartphone (iPhone or Android) and computer to see real-time graphs.
  • Waterproof and with an OLED Display
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery gives up to seven days on a single charge and takes less than an hour to charge.
  • USB charging cradle included

Click here to get your own Cel-Lab Pedometer and Activity Tracker Band (iOS/Android Compatible)