When I found out about Glasstic, I thought it sounded like a cool concept but I have to admit I didn’t really get what it was until I got one.  I was under the impression that Glasstic was some sort of hybrid material that would be tougher than a traditional plastic water bottle.  That is not the case at all.  It’s a glass water bottle with a plastic outer casing.  This is cool for so many reasons.  Glass is so much better than plastic as a water bottle because it keeps the beverage insulated, doesn’t put chemicals into it, etc.  I appreciate this because I love to work in the yard, and when I’m taking breaks from working in the summer heat my all-time favorite thing to drink is a frosted Sprecher’s root beer (the all-time best root beer).  You simply can’t experience a cold beverage the same way out of a plastic bottle.

The reason I haven’t used a glass bottle in the past is because 1) they are heavy, and 2) I don’t want to break it.  The Glasstic water bottle is heavier than your traditional water bottle… so I’m not throwing out my Camelbak which I will continue to use for hiking and biking.  But I don’t have to worry about breaking the Glasstic so I’m using it in the gym, around the house, and in the car.  It is skinnier than most water bottles, so it fits easily in a cup holder (which is nice) but it’s also taller than most water bottles so it is hard to fill in some instances (which is not so nice).  Overall I really love this water bottle… so much so that I’ve contacted the company to ask if they have an affiliate program because I’ll be encouraging my family and friends to purchase this product (something I almost never do).

Finally, one of the cool things about Glasstic is that you can personalize your water bottle.  I got one for my wife for her birthday and wanted to put a picture of our kids on it.  A running joke in our family is having the kids “stuck” in the dish dispenser, cleaning supplies, etc. so I wanted to do something similar here.  So I took a picture of them pretending to be stuck inside something and then photoshopped out the background.  Importing the picture into the Glasstic web-based software was a sinch–it took me about 10 minutes to figure out the software and personalize my bottle (see video below).  So it’s an awesome water bottle, easy to customize, and comes with bonus inserts.  Great value for a great product.


  • Glass inner bottle with Plastic outer shell which makes it safer (shatterproof)
  • Environmentally friendly (glass is better than plastic bottles that make it to land fills).
  • Fully customizable and personable
  • Comes with bonus style inserts
  • 16 oz. skinny design
  • Lifetime warranty

Purchase: You can get one on the Glasstic website (where bottles start at just $11.99 and shipping is free for orders over $25.00).  But better yet, Click Here to get 10% off your order through my affiliate link