For years I’ve grinded my teeth at night while I slept. The result is that my teeth are really flat and slightly shorter than most peoples’ teeth. About five years ago my insurance paid some of the cost of me getting a custom mouth guard from my dentist, but it still cost me a pretty penny. The guard worked o.k. It was perfectly fitted to my mouth, but it was very bulky, hard, and uncomfortable to wear. I still forced myself to wear it at night even if I didn’t like it. While the expensive mouth guard worked o.k. for a while, after time it got tighter and tighter on my teeth and eventually I had to stop wearing it because it hurt and left my jaw sore. So I went for a few years without a mouth guard until I head about Grind Relief N’s Grind Guard.

The Grind Relief N guard is different in several key ways. First, it is relatively cheap (super cheap compared to my several hundred dollar guard I got earlier). Also, it is much smaller than a full mouth guard as it only covers the front 8-10 teeth. But most importantly it can be adjusted. Here’s how it works…

You warm up some water and then put the guard in it. It softens the plastic and then you pull it out of the water and stick it on your teeth. It hardens on your teeth, shaping itself to your mouth. Then, if after time it no longer fits you simply go through the same process again. I’ve been using it for a few weeks not and can say that it is much easier to use than the more expensive guard I tried earlier and it does just as good a job.








  • Prevents night time grinding and clenching.
  • Easy to shape to your mouth.
  • Can be easily reshaped multiple times.

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