Mobile power banks are super handy, and ultra slim mobile power banks are even handier.  I’ve been using the Joaao ultra slim power bank for over a week now and honestly I can’t believe I got along o.k. before I had this power bank in my life.  Cheesy? Yes, but true.  I have used other power banks that are smaller… which is really convenient.  But I like the POWER of the Joaao.  It’s got 20,000 mAh which means I can charge my phone 5-6 times before I have to worry about charging the charger.  That means I don’t need to worry about outlets on business trips and that I can keep it handy on the side of the couch and not need to get up to use the wall outlet.  Hurray!  But what I like most of all with the Joaao power bank is how quickly it charges my phone. With other power banks a full charge will take a few hours, but with the Joaao I was able to get a full charge in a little over a half hour.  Combine that with this being the cheapest power bank of it’s capacity available online and you’ve definitely got a winner.


  • Portable
  • Slim Line Design that easily fits into your back or front pocket.
  • Safety features include auto shut off and short circuit controls.
  • Dual USB ports you can choose to charge one or two devices at a time. 
  • Touch screen display shows all of the percentages available for charging.

Purchase: on Amazon (where it is currently marked down from $79.99 to just $29.99)