This is a review of the Luxon 6-pack of Edison bulbs, currently available on Amazon at:

The Good:  These bulbs look amazing, a true vintage light bulb.  This classic look has been back in style for sometime and it’s probably not going away any time soon.  It makes a warm amber color while putting off less heat so it won’t overheat.  Most Edison bulbs use a lot more energy than traditional LED bulbs, but this particular bulb has a much longer lifespan than other Edison bulbs (it’s 4W is a 40W equivalent LED).

The Bad: There’s not much to dislike about these bulbs.  They’re not as bright as I expected, but I actually liked the amount and color of the light.  At $19 for a six-pack they aren’t the least expensive bulbs on the market (but they are really close… they are the highest rated bulbs at this price point).

The Verdict:  The Luxon 6-pack of Edison bulbs are probably the best Edison bulbs you can get.

Get your 6-pack of lights here:



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