I picked up the Mobile Action Q-Band fitness tracker band partly because I want to keep better track of my steps, but mostly because I want to monitor my sleep.  The cool thing about getting tracker fitness bands today is they cost about the same amount as a decent wrist watch.  And because I’m over the age of 30 I still wear a wrist watch, albeit usually a very cheap digital one.  In addition to being much cheaper than these bands used to be, they do more and have much better battery life than fitness trackers even one or two years ago.  Indeed, this fitness tracker cost half as much as my old fitbit but does twice as much and has 10x the battery life (one week and counting at this writing).  On the downside, the band on this tracker feels cheap and there is no removable pod, so when the band goes the whole thing goes.

This tracker band recommends you download the i-gotU Life app, which is actually a pretty nice app.  It monitors and tracks my steps (pretty similar to my phone apps), sleep, and you can enter in times for up to four alarms as well as your weight.  The app is easy to use but it is on all the time so I’m sure it’s putting some drain on my phone battery.  All-in-all this is a great fitness band at a great price.


  • Check your calls and messages on the go.
  • Health tracker.  Create your own personal fitness diary as the band keeps track of steps, calories, and sleep
  • Wireless connection.  Uses Bluetooth to stay connected to your phone
  • Long-lasting battery, sweat, rain and splash proof.

Purchase: on Amazon (where it is currently marked down from $79.99 to $59.99)