This review is for the Night Provision™ BX-960 LED Bike Light.  Say goodbye to biking in the dark.  This headlight is fantastic.  It’s bright, easy to turn on and off, easy to install, easy to charge.  And it also looks great.  I love that it required no extra parts for installation, and the installation itself was a piece of cake and took less than five minutes.

960 lumens is much brighter than the typical headlight, which can be good or bad.  I found that as I rode that I loved having a clearer road ahead, especially because I’m near-sighted but never wear my glasses.  I would guess that you can see quite clearly for at least 100 meters.  One possible downside to the headlight, however, is that it is so bright.  Maybe it’s just because I’m not super used to it yet, but I passed just a few cars and I felt like I was “brighting them.”  Fortunately you can dim it by holding down the power button for a couple seconds… then it scrolls through the modes (high/medium/low).  It’s a high quality light at a competitive price, I highly recommend.


  • 960 lumens
  • Tested impact resistance 1 meter
  • Beam distance of 180 meters
  • Max intensity up to 8000 cd
  • IPX-6 standard protection rating
  • Rechargeable long lasting battery
  • Filmed mineral glass lens
  • Built-in USB port with waterproof cover

Purchase: on Amazon (where it is currently listed at $56.19), or on the Night Vision website: