The OfficeTime app is a time management app that can be especially useful to freelancers, entrepreneurs, and just ordinary busy people.  I got it because I am all of those things and because I want to use my time more effectively and efficiently.  First, the good news.  You can download a FREE 21 day trial of the App from their website:  You’ve got nothing to lose by trying it out.  And if you love it (like I do), then you only have a one-time payment to activate the App, which you can use online or offline.

The app helps you keep track of how you spend your time on the computer.  You can use it to categorize what you are doing, which is great for becoming more efficient… but it also makes it super easy to manage several different projects which you can bill to clients.  I especially love that you can easily and automatically create invoices based on the data collected which you can send directly to your clients (see demo in the video below).

This is a super powerful app so I’m just scratching the surface for what it can do, but it is certainly a no brainer if you want to spend your time more wisely.


  • No need to pause your tracking (it can tell if you’ve been away from the computer)
  • Expense tracking and easy invoicing
  • Quick access, has summary graphs
  • Can export data to excel
  • Easy to use
  • No monthly free (one time fee and it works offline)
  • 100% Guaranteed

Purchase: on (where you can currently download a FREE 21 day trial)