Everyone needs and uses tie down straps.  The problem is that most straps are cheaply made and wear out quickly and/or are too short and weak to tie down the things that really need it (e.g. a piano or an appliance).  I decided to pick up the Tiger Tie Down straps because they are a full 20 feet long and can hold up to 500 pounds (with a 1500 lb break strength).

The straps are premium quality, super durable, and easy to use.  They were actually much higher quality than what I was expecting. I like the rubber coated “S” hooks that easily latch on to the car/truck, and the ratchets are super easy to use and the retraction is flawless.  I recommend these straps for anyone who needs heavy duty straps for moving anything big.  Actually, I recommend them for smaller stuff too because they’re not going to wear out.


  • Made of premium industrial grade material
  • 20 feet long
  • Utilizes new state-of-the-art ergonomic molded custom strap handles
  • 500 pound capacity with 1500 pound break strength
  • Rubber coated “s” hooks

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