I’ve always had a tire gauge and have needed it because our “never flat” tires seem to always be flat (under pressurized).  Unfortunately that means I’m putting air into my tires all the time (like every couple months).   I had two problems with my old tire gauge: 1) I couldn’t read it at night, and 2) It wasn’t exact.  The TravelSafer digital tire gauge solved these two problems for me.  I love that it lights up (without any extra button flipping) and that it gives me the exact tire pressure on an easy to read digital screen.  I had my kids try it out and they were able to easily read the pressure.  Great product, well worth the money.


  • Illuminated nozzle and LCD screen.
  • Digital read out that is accurate and easy to see.
  • Shows tire pressure in four different measuring ranges – 0-100 psi, bar, kg/cm2, and kpa.
  • Auto-shut off feature to conserve battery life.
  • Lightweight and durable

Purchase: on Amazon (where it is currently marked down from $18.45 to just $8.95)