I was a little nervous about shelling out a little more cash for swimming goggles, but I’ve had so many pairs of bad goggles for so long that I decided it was worth the gamble.  Totally worth it!  I can’t believe what a difference a good pair of goggles make.  I got the WATERINJOY panoramic view swim goggles and they are as good as advertised.  The biggest difference between this pair and a cheapo pair is the seal… no water is getting into your eyes with the WaterInJoy.  They are also “anti-fog” but I would imagine that again comes as a result of no air or water getting into the goggles.  It’s a high quality plastic and strap and has earplugs, which I just tuck out of the way because I don’t want to use them.  A couple of my kids also tried them out and they liked having the ear plugs. Finally, they come with a really nice carrying case which I am definitely keeping (I usually throw cases away because they’re not worth the hassle).  I highly recommend these goggles.


  • Rigid plastic frame, soft silicone gasket and adjustable strap
  • Anti-fog and shatter proof lenses with UV protection
  • Siamese ear plugs and bonus silicon ear plugs
  • Hard carrying case
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Purchase: from Amazon (where it is currently marked down from $38.00 down to $24.95), and get an additional 20% of if you use this discount code: KGAU9VXZ

Click here for the Amazon product page.