RoosterFin Family Games have games well-suited for all ages and ability levels. Get their games here: We tried out three new games ahead of the holiday season: Ninja Squirrels, Monkey’s Up, and Rabbit Pirates. Ninja Squirrels advertises for players seven and older but our four year old loved playing it (on a team with mom).  The object of the game is to grab the acorns when the right combination card is selected before the others grab them.  Great party game as it relies on your reflexes.  In Monkey’s Up you battle your opponent in order to collect the greater number of monkeys.  It’s a strategy game but isn’t too difficult for kids.  Rabbit Pirates is a little more complicated and my older kids loved it.  In that game you raid and collect as much money as possible.

It was fun playing completely new games, and cool to get a bundle because it gives us more variety in games and accommodates different ages and skill levels.  These are great games to add to your collection or to give as gifts.