Who is Reviews of Cool Stuff?

I’m a school teacher that started doing product reviews in 2016.  Since then I’ve reviewed over 1,000 products on YouTube, Amazon, and other social media platforms.

Why would you want me to review your product?

I get requests almost every day from Amazon sellers who are interested in having me review their products and posting shoppable video reviews to Amazon for them.  Typically these sellers find me because I reviewed one of their competitor’s products.

My reviews do really well on Amazon.  In a typically 30-day period I will review 50 products and my reviews will result in over 1,000 sales and generate more than $50,000 in revenue.  They also build brand awareness and help potential customers make better and more informed purchasing decisions.

I’m also different from most other product influencers because I actually use all the products I review, and my wife and four children help me to demonstrate and model the products.

If you are interested in having me review one of your products you can contact me via email.